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Love all, serve all, help ever, hurt never. Sai Baba
Favorite Instruments

Theremin /w EFX pedals, Synths check out this website it's my favorite, www.vintagesynth.com, Korg MS2000, Korg MicroKorg Synth, Moog Theremin, Korg MS20, Electro Harmonix Cathedral, Electro Harmonix Holy Grail reverb, Electro Harmonix POG2, Matchless Lightening, Rocktron Midi Mate, Electro Harmonix Holy Stain, Korg Delta, Rocktron Voodu Valve, Electro Harmonix Polyphase, Roland SH201

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Keyboards & MIDI > Keyboards > Keyboard Synthesizers

Favorite Bands

Ladytron, Placebo, Yello, Deftones, NIN, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Marilyn Manson, Asian Dub foundation, Peter Murphy, Bauhaus, Senser, Enigma, Jean Michelle Jarre, Gary Numan, Kraftwerk, Mike Oldfield, The Prodigy, Ennio Moricone, Kate Bush, Jaco Pastorious, Charlie Haden and list goes on, Puscifer, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Bjork, Massive Attack, Daft Punk, UNKLE, Joy Divison, Yazoo

Musical Interests

lots of different kinds of music, trip hop, industrial, Classic Rock, new age, Motown and disco, electro, Electro Pop, electronic, synthpop, Drum n' Bass, disco, krautrock, musique concrete

Ana Roca
Specialist, Merchandise

Certified in: ProAudio, Keyboards, Accessories, Drums, Guitars

My name is Ana I am was born in Croatia and I grew up between New Zealand and Croatia. After graduating Middlesex University in London I moved to the U.S. I've been working in the music industry professionally since 2006. I work primarily in recording studios and post production houses producing and recording.

I started getting into music in high-school playing drums and then got into drum and bass via programming. Apart from my interests in wires and anything that works on electronic ignition I love cooking/food, architecture/civil engineering/AutoCad, cyberpunk, snowboarding and arcade
I was very lucky to have had an opportunity to work on some cool projects including Scissor Sisters, Elton John, Cirque du Soleil Kooza and Varekai, Kylie Mingoue, Simply Red, Joss Stone, and many others. My expertise is in synths, electronic-production, recording, mixing and mastering.








If you have any questions please stop by and ask me about your gear needs.

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Some of the gear I currently have includes: 

I am huge KORG and Arturia fan! Korg MS2000 synth, Korg MicroKorg Synth, Moog Theremin, Korg DL-50, Korg MS20, Roland SH201 synth, Yamaha RY8 drum machine, Roland TR505, Casio PT20, Casio VL Tone VL1, Electro Harmonix Cathedral reverb pedal, Electro Harmonix Holy Grail reverb pedal, Electro Harmonix POG2 synth/octave pedal, Matchless Lightning combo amp, Rocktron Midi Mate, Electro Harmonix Holy Stain pedal, Rocktron Voodu Valve pedal, Electro Harmonix Polyphase pedal, Focal CMS50 studio monitors, Digi 002 control surface, Apogee Duet IOS, Rode NT-5 Condenser mic, AKG c414-xls Condenser mic, Shure SM57lc dynamic mic, Technics sl1200m3d turntables, & Pioneer DJM350 mixer, NI Traktor A6, Adam A7x, Arturia Spark LE, Native Instruments Maschine, and a ton of software titles too many to list!

Theremin /w EFX pedals, Synths check out this website it's my favorite, www.vintagesynth.com,



Check out some photos of the gear I love! Hope to see you soon!