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Comrades, I'm Ben and I work in the Guitar Center Cerritos Accessory department! I love my job! GC to me is basically a glorified toy store, More often than not you'll find me trying out the newest pedal or the Orange amp we just got in stock or some guitar that is probably at least a little above my playing ability, There is just too much cool stuff here!

Ben B.
Vintage Acquisition Associate

Certified in: Accessories, Guitars, Drums

I'm Ben and I work in the Vintage Acquisition Dept.

If you have a cool old instrument gathering dust in your closet, come and see us at GC Hollywood, and we'll see if we can take it off your hands.  Feel free to shoot me an email as well!  While I may not be able to make you an offer without having it in one of our stores, I'm always interested in seeing the 60's strat that's been hiding in grandma's attic for 40 years... there are a lot of cool pieces still waiting to be found out there!

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