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I am electrical by nature, music is the electric soil in which the spirit lives, thinks, and invents.
Ludwig von Beethoven

Musical Education

began school at Valdosta State University, Received my BA in Music from North Dakota State University, Completed 2 yrs of Graduate work in Music at Moorhead State University Minnesota, Spent a year in London for a Study Abroad (LOVED IT), Began my internship in Memphis at Cadre Entertainment in 2001, Helped build and start Young Avenue Sound in Memphis TN, Became Chief Engineer at Young Avenue Sound, Ran Sound at Balmoral Baptist Church, Ran Sound at Nocturnal (club in Memphis TN), Ran Sound for Skip McQuinn Productions, Sound Installation with Memphis Sound Lab, Sound System Installation with DC Designs in Nashville, Installed Studio for STAX Achademy

Current Projects

Titanium Catapillars, Michael Roberts

Musical Interests

I LOVE TO ROCK!!!! I enjoy music of just about any style, but no matter what genre I am listening to I will be rockin!, Sound Installation, Sound Engineering, Producing Records!

Favorite Bands

Led Zeppelin, Guns N Roses, Stone Temple Pilot, Pink Floyd (and all the great classic rock bands), The Doors and AC/DC, The Flaming Lips, Amos Lee, JJ Grey & Mofro, Widespread Panic, RED HOT CHILLIE PEPERS, JAMES TAYLOR, Jimi Hendrix, Sade, Martin Medeski & Wood, Jeff Beck, Cream, Natalie Merchant, Sarah McLachlan, Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, The Eagles, Journey, Radiohead, *The Beatles

Favorite Instruments

played flute in high school and college, but quickly moved into recording and technology in college, Pro Tools (main instrument), Neve 3600VR Console, API Mic Pre's, Universal Audio LA2A, Avalon VT-737sp, Neumann U67, Neumann U47, AKG C12, My Favorite Instruments are great sounding recording gear like tube mic's and mic pre's

Category Expertise

Pro Audio > Recording Gear > Audio Interfaces, Pro Audio > Signal Processors > Vocal Processors, Pro Audio > Recording Gear > Audio Playback for Studio, Pro Audio > Recording Gear > Audio Convertors, Pro Audio > Computers & Peripherals > Computer Audio Interfaces & Convertors, Pro Audio > Signal Processors > Multi Effects Processors, Pro Audio > Signal Processors > Equalizers, Pro Audio > Signal Processors > Crossovers, Pro Audio > Signal Processors > Microphone Preamps, Pro Audio > Signal Processors > 500 Series Racks, Pro Audio > Signal Processors > 500 Series Modules, Pro Audio > Video Post Production Gear > Video Equipment Packages, Pro Audio > Signal Processors > Direct Boxes, Live Sound > Signal Processors > Sound Enhancers / Exciters, Live Sound > Metallophones > Subwoofers, Live Sound > Metallophones > Monitors, Live Sound > Mixers > Powered, Live Sound > Mixers > Unpowered, Live Sound > Metallophones > Cabs, Live Sound > Signal Processors > Compressors / Limiters, Live Sound > Parts & Accessories > Mixer Lights, DJ Gear & Lighting > Lighting & Effects > Stage Lighting, DJ Gear & Lighting > Lighting & Effects > Effect Lighting, DJ Gear & Lighting > Packaged Systems > Turntable, DJ Gear & Lighting > Packaged Systems > Effect Lighting, Pro Audio > Lighting & Stage Effects > Lighting Hardware, Pro Audio > Lighting & Stage Effects > Lighting Controllers, DJ Gear & Lighting > Lighting & Effects > Controllers, Pro Audio > Lighting & Stage Effects > Lighting Multi-Effects, Pro Audio > Lighting & Stage Effects > Lighting & Effects Packages, Keyboards & MIDI > Keyboards > Keyboard Synthesizers, Keyboards & MIDI > Portable & Arranger Keyboards > Arranger Keyboards, Keyboards & MIDI > Portable & Arranger Keyboards > Portable Keyboards, Keyboards & MIDI > Keyboards > Organs, Keyboards & MIDI > Keyboard Packages > Packages, Keyboards & MIDI > Portable & Arranger Keyboards > Samplers, Keyboards & MIDI > Keyboard Workstations > Arrangers, Keyboards & MIDI > Keyboards > Digital Pianos, Keyboards & MIDI > MIDI > MIDI Utilities, Keyboards & MIDI > MIDI > MIDI Interfaces, Keyboards & MIDI > MIDI > MIDI Controllers, Guitars > Guitar Synth & MIDI Gear > MIDI, Keyboards & MIDI > MIDI Controllers > Control Surfaces / Boxes, Keyboards & MIDI > MIDI Controllers > Wind & Other Controllers, Keyboards & MIDI > MIDI Controllers > Keyboard Controllers, Pro Audio > Music Software > Music Software Downloads, Pro Audio > Music Software > Music Production Software, Pro Audio > Music Software > Music Recording Software, Pro Audio > Music Software > DJ & Remix Software, Pro Audio > Music Software > Music Mastering Software, Software Instruments, Recording > Recording Packages > Multi-track Recording Packages, Recording > Multi-Track Recorders > Analog Recording, Recording > CD Recording / Burners > CD Recorders, Recording > Multi-Track Recorders > Digital Recorder, Recording > CD Recording / Burners > Archive, Recording > Computer Hardware > Computer Recording Systems, Recording > CD Recording / Burners > Professional CD Players, Recording > Computer Hardware > Sound & Recording Cards / Audio Interfaces, Recording > Multi-Track Recorders > Remotes & Expansion Accessories, Recording > Multi-Track Recorders > Digital Workstations, Pro Audio > Microphones > Recording Microphones, Pro Audio > Microphones > USB Microphones, Pro Audio > Microphones > Specialty Microphones, Pro Audio > Microphones > Live Microphones, Pro Audio > Microphones > Percussion Microphones, Pro Audio > Microphones > Microphone Packages, Accessories > Microphone Accessories and Parts > Mic Clips and Clamps, Orchestral Strings > Microphones > Wired, Orchestral Strings > Microphones > Wireless, Live Sound > Microphones & Wireless > Wireless, Pro Audio > Wireless Systems > Other Wireless Devices, Folk & Traditional Instruments > Microphones & Wireless > Wireless, Pro Audio > Wireless Systems > Digital Wireless Systems, Pro Audio > Wireless Systems > Instrument Wireless Systems, Pro Audio > Wireless Systems > Wireless System Components, Pro Audio > Wireless Systems > Handheld Microphone Wireless Systems, Pro Audio > Wireless Systems > Headset Microphone Wireless Systems, Pro Audio > Wireless Systems > Lavalier Microphone Wireless Systems

Jennifer L.
Store Manager

Certified in: ProAudio, Keyboards, Guitars, Accessories, Drums

My love of music all came from my mom and dad.  My dad was a drummer, a guitar player, and a singer, my  mother a piano player and singer;  music was always playing in my house.  When I was in elementary school my father opened a local music store, and my eyes were opened to a whole new world of possibility.  I began playing flute in the 5th grade, and always found music a solace.  It was a way to speak without saying anything, and I worked at being the best that there was.  I attended honor band every year in high school, and made all-state my junior and senior years.  I loved marching band and was a true 'band geek'  I loved playing, I loved being a part of a bigger musical group, and most of all, It made me realize that music is what I wanted to do with my life.  

I began school at Valdosta State University, I majored in music, but was not sure I wanted to be in education or in performance (the only 2 music majors that were offered at that time).  It was then that I went to my dad to seek advice…. this is when I learned about audio engineering.  I never knew that existed, and when he described what it was, I never wanted to do anything else.  I began looking at schools that had a more diverse program.  I transferred to North Dakota State University and received my BA in Music in 1999.  I had already been taking music technology courses at Moorhead State University and Continued into their Masters program.  This is when my attention became focused on studio work.
I moved to Memphis TN in November of 2001 and started my internship at Cadre Entertainment.  This lasted for only a month before the studio space was sold out from under the staff.  We banded together, and built a new studio in Memphis, Young Avenue Sound, home of Memphis Records.

Now when I say built… we did just that, we started from an empty building and turned it into a first class facility.  I learned first hand how to wire a studio from the ground up.  Every snake, every patch bay, every elco connector was soldered by us.  This was my first or many studio installations.  
Memphis has many established studios, so starting out we knew we needed to offer the music community something different, something new… and we did… the Recording Co-Op. This is how I became friends with just about every musician/band that was playing locally.  One of my first projects was a band called 'Oracle and the Mountain'.  Fun, alt-punk indie type music that was fresh and alive, after that I worked with 'Giant Bear'  this folky-Americana indie rock band.  One of the last bands that I worked with was Zach Williams and the Reformation out of Littlerock AR.  Southern rock with a little extra grit and punch.  You can check out my work on their album Electric Revival.  I have been truly blessed to have worked with so many amazing artists and mentors.  I have done recordings for Memphis legends, BB King, Isaac Hayes, The Bar-Kays, sid selvedge, Joyce Cobb, Justin Timberlake, Al Kapone, and 8-ball & MJG.  I have had the opportunity to learn under producers such as Jim Dikinson, Jon Medeski, Billy Hume, and David Porter.    

In 2009 my life changed quite dramatically with the birth of my little girl Chloe, and as many before have come to realize, studio hours are not always the best for babies.  It was during this time that I focused on installation work.  I am proud to say  that I helped in the building of Archer Records, the recording studio at the STAX Music Academy, and an amazing studio at Hope Presbyterian Church.

I moved to Mobile AL in 2010, and found a home at Guitar Center in their Pro-Audio Dept.  This was one of my first retail jobs, and to my surprise, I LOVED IT! I have become expert certified in all of our departments and can help you find whatever it is you are looking for.  It is one of the most rewarding experiences being able to empower others with the ability to make music!  So when Guitar Center started an educational program dedicated to teaching music, I knew I wanted to be involved.
I came to New Orleans to be a part of an amazing team that truly has what it takes to get this educational program running to it's full potential. We offer lessons as part of that program, but it is so much more than just lessons.  We pair students with professional musicians to learn techniques, but also to learn what it takes to be a gigging artist.  We have a specialized teaching course designed by the folks at Hal Leanord Pubishing, we have JAM NIGHT (SO COOL!!), and our instructors have office hours!  All of these things are going to make this the best Guitar Center in the world, in the best city in the world!