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Yes. I have., What started it for me?, Was it Sesame Street Fever?, Or the Star Wars soundtrack?, It's difficult to say at this point., What can be assumed is that I have them., I don't think anyone could argue otherwise., It's my life., And it's now or never., ... And I don't wanna live forever.

Favorite Bands

Two words., Linda., Ronstadt., Two more words., LINDA, RONSTADT, Who can deny that angelic voice?, You can suggest someone else if you want., I just doubt my fervor can be dispelled., She's awesome.

Favorite Instruments

It doesn't even matter. When I play, I play hard., My natural intensity translates to my choice in instruments., Adirondack spruce., Open gear tuners., Herringbone appointments., Those are the kinds of crazy things you can expect me to be partial towards., And you can certainly anticipate my affinity for nitro finishes., Don't get me started on scalloped bracing., (Unless you have all day to listen to me talk about it.)

Lucas L.
Sales Associate Guitars

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Look, I know we just met.  We're new to each other.  Therefore, I want to be frank with you.  We may as well start out on the right foot, and to me that foot is the foot of honesty.  So what I'd like to say, without beating around the bush, and without using doublespeak, flim-flam parlance or poppycock of any kind, is that I want to help you get the guitar of your dreams.  Also, my mom thinks I'm just charming, so let's throw that into the mix.  See you soon!

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