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Musical Interests

Fine acoustic guitars, jazz and classic rock

Favorite Bands

Pink Floyd, Led Zep, Rippingtons, Brian Setzer Orchestra, Cream, Traffic, Hendrix and the Beatles, What can I say? Pretty much all Classic Rock and Jazz, * The Beatles, Steely Dan, Glen Miller

Favorite Instruments

Fender Strats and Teles, Gibson SG Reissue, Martin, Taylor, Breedlove and Gibson acoustics

Sales Associate Guitars

Certified in: Accessories, Guitars, Drums, Keyboards, ProAudio


HEADLINE:  Martin has retired the 000-28 Eric Clapton, so no more will be made.  I own one and it is the BEST.  Get one while you can...we have 2 in stock!  Also, check out the new D18' braced and LOUD!

Thanks taking a look at my page. I have played guitars for 40+ years and I am a straight shooter. Needless to say, some things have really changed and others are just the same. The "good old days" are now the "good new days" with advanced technology for effects and amps, as well as the tried, true and beloved tube amps.  All are amazing, it just depends what you like.  And I must say, our selection of acoustic instruments in all price ranges is second to none.  Right now, we have a WONDERFUL selection of Martins (the NEW D18, D28, HD28, D35 and a gorgeous D41 among others), some great Taylors and some very cool Breedlove's. 

The new Les Paul guitars have electronics that will blow your mind.  You have to come play 'em...very cool.

I'm a recent transplant from the "left coast" and love it here.  LA is fun place to visit, but after over 20 years of living there, it was time for a change.  For 6 years after my pro playing days, I had my own business recording, playing and singing the music that went into the I.C. chips for toys and may have already heard me, or at least your kids have!

So with that, give me a call or come on in, let's talk and let me show you the unreal selection we have of everything you need to make music.

How can you resist Guitar Center?  I never could!

See you here or give me a call and let's make your musical dreams come true with a special order and if you are a PHiP know who you are...I am your Official Discount Partner.

More about Mark...


1)       How did you first get involved in playing/making music?


In 4th grade, the Sr. Band came to our music class and played a couple of songs.  I was fascinated by the instruments and how they looked.


2)       What was your first instrument?


My first instrument was the trumpet



3)       What/Who are your musical influences?


Big Band, The Beatles, Hendrix, Steely Dan and Pink Floyd.




4)       What are your top 5 favorite records?


1) Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon


2) The Beatles – The White Album


3) Jimi Hendrix – Experienced


4) Steely Dan – Goucho


5) Glen Miller – The Best of Glen Miller



5)       What current music projects are in involved with?


I now only play music for enjoyment!!



6)       How many instruments do you play?


Guitar - Bass - Keys



7)       What is your favorite instrument and why?


Guitar (acoustic) since it is the "Truth."  Just you and the box.  Either you can play or you can't and it is obvious in a short period.


8)       What advice would you give to somebody that wanted to start playing music?


Start TODAY and get lessons.