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GC Pro Account Manager
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"For me it's all about forgetting this is technology because in the end it is an extension of you - it is your art - it is your instrument!"
Musical Education

Central Michigan University, University of North Texas

Current Projects

KP and the Boom Boom

Musical Interests

Love the use of cultural and stylistic contrast.

Favorite Bands

Dave Douglas, Tchaikovsky, Scofield, 'Trane, Rabih Abou Khalil

Favorite Instruments

Sax!, Working up some bass chops!

Current Band(s)/Gig(s)

KP and the Boom Boom

Steve Carlos Kirk
GC Pro Account Manager

Certified in: Guitars, ProAudio, Keyboards

Installation + Studio + Live + House of Worship + Video + Broadcast + Automation + Lighting


     Possessing a background in music, installation, and broadcast; Steve Carlos Kirk provides solutions to professional artists, worship, video and audio clients, studios, and venues. 


    Commercial installations welcome! Digital signage, automation, lighting; as well as AV distribution and ease of use are of primary focus.


     For more information and to request a meeting, please call 


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