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Dana Clarke Store Manager, North Olmsted Store Email Me
Certified In: Accessories, Keyboards, ProAudio, Guitars, Drums
Bassists, Mike Barrick and Dana Clarke after Mike's Clinic at the store Nov 12th, 2013

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Sales Associate Guitars
Certified in: Guitars, ProAudio, Accessories

My name Gino and I have been playing guitar from the age of 11 to present. I was a member of First Light and currently play in...
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Sales Associate Guitars
Certified in: Accessories, Guitars

Hello there, my name is Nate I am a guitar sales associate here at the North Olmstead Guitar Center! It's been a interesting journey...
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David M.
Sales Associate HiTech
Certified in: Keyboards, ProAudio

I pay cash for used gear! Hi, I'm David Miller, My passion is recording but I also am experienced with live sound and keyboards....
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Liz D.
Lead Customer ServiceAssociate
Certified in: Accessories, ProAudio, Keyboards, Guitars, Drums

Hey there, my name's Liz. First off, I am the biggest Motley Crue fan you will ever meet. Also, I am thoroughly obsessed...
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Sales Associate HiTech
Certified in: ProAudio

Hi my name is Craig. I have been a musician for over 20 years, playing guitar, bass, and lead vocals. I am also a professional...
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Sales Associate Guitars
Certified in: Guitars, Accessories, ProAudio, Drums, Keyboards

I've been a musician my whole life, starting on the piano when I was five years old and moving on to the guitar when I was...
The heart of Rock'n'Roll got its pulse in 1997 with the opening of Guitar Center Cleveland. With all the top names from the top manufacturers, we are truly the premier one stop shop for all musicians. Whether it be your first guitar or a professional keyboard workstation, we got you covered! Upon entering the store you are greeted by a sea of guitars eagerly awaiting to be played. Ya know, we don't just deal with new gear. We house an amazing selection of Used gear as well!  So you're not a rocker? That's fine. We have the greatest assortment of new and used Acoustic guitars in Northeast Ohio. Feel free to lounge in our humidity controlled acoustic room.  So you're in a band and you want to be heard, well, we hear you! We have an entire wall (literally) full of live sound speakers ready to crank out any tunes you would like to hear. What's a live show without lights? We got you covered there as well! Get lost in our live sound room listening to your favorite song while being mesmerized by our stunning light light show. Don't be alarmed by the smoke, it's just the fog machines.

Awesome gear isn't all that we have to offer! What do you do with the guitar that you need repaired? Well, once again, we got you covered. In store we house a certified Guitar Technician. There's no job too small. Strings need changed, truss rod needs adjustment, or you just need a setup, we're more than happy to get it right and get you going.

Are you doing anything on Saturday? No? Great! Stop on in and attend our FREE Recording Made Easy workshop. It starts at 10AM and lasts for roughly an hour. It's a four week program designed to give even the most novice recording artist a great insight into the world of recording.

Here in Guitar Center Cleveland, your complete satisfaction is our TOP priority. If you're not happy, neither are we! With a staff full of friendly and helpful musicians, we've seen it all and we're more than happy to steer you in the right direction or take a moment to chat about life experiences and where our musical journeys have led us. So, what are you waiting for? Stop on in and give us a shout....You'll be glad you did!

Bottom line: We Help People Make Music!