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November 27
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December 24
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Guitar Center

Since opening our doors in 2006, Guitar Center Terre Haute has been welcomed with open arms by the local music scene, and it's all thanks to our impressive selection of musical instruments, pro audio gear, and our friendly, knowledgeable staff. In fact, each and every member of our team specializes in their own areas of interest, so whether you're a metal shredder, an up and coming DJ or an aspiring audio engineer, we'll provide an answer for you. Conveniently located at 3684 S. US Hwy 41, we're proud to serve all amateur and professional musicians from Terre Haute, the Wabash Valley and beyond.

From guitars, amps and drums to pro audio, keyboards, DJ gear, and lighting, you'll find it all at Guitar Center Terre Haute, and if what you're looking for currently isn't in stock, we'll get it to you in a matter of days. We also carry all the major brands, including Fender, Gibson, Ampeg, Apple Computers, and DW. Do you enjoy shopping for used gear? Our selection is vast and always changing. Simply put, we truly are Terre Haute's one stop destination for all things music-related. If you're curious about anything in particular, or if you'd like to learn more about our "Recording Made Easy" workshops, don't hesitate to call us at 812-231-1263.

Like all Guitar Center locations, we also offer comprehensive repair services at our Terre Haute store. Our techs are as passionate about your instruments as you are, with the experience needed to keep them performing at their best. Whether you need a quick adjustment or a complete overhaul, we've got the equipment and know-how to take care of it. The repairs department would love to hear from you: in fact, we encourage it! Call or come in for a face-to-face chat about the work that we do. You'll have no doubt that your gear is in good hands when it's time for a repair.

What to Expect
First and foremost at Guitar Center Terre Haute, we strive to give you the experience that Guitar Center is known for nationwide: big-store selection and prices with small-shop expertise and personality. From sales and repairs to workshops and more, our staff in every department is well-trained to cater to Vigo County and Wabash Valley music-lovers. Our store is open every day of the week, so there's always a right time to visit even if you're on a busy schedule.

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