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    • Anthony T.
    • Rental Associate - Block at Orange
      Drums, ProAudio, Keyboards, Guitars, Accessories
    • I was born in the hot (and many times very, very cold) high desert of California one November night. I was actually born close to midnight. I've always been nocturnal by nature, and yet I love being out on a nice afternoon with my dog, my wife, and my...
    • Chris "The Stew" Stewart
    • Sales Associate HiTech - Block at Orange
      Guitars, Accessories, ProAudio, Keyboards, Drums
    • Chris "Stew" Stewart is an Orange County native and has been a part of its vast pool of musicians and active in its music scene since 2001. He has been a part of bands such as The Outbreak (Hard Rock), Hollowshell (Progressive Rock), and Anna...
    • Damon Hayes
    • Operations Associate - Block at Orange
      Guitars, Accessories, ProAudio, Keyboards, Drums
    • I am a FULLY CERTIFIED Guitar Center associate and a full-time student at California State University, Fullerton. I started out as a Pro Audio and Guitar Sales Associate and worked my way to Assistant Manager, before transfering to the Operations Department....
    • Dan
    • Sales Associate HiTech - Block at Orange
      ProAudio, Keyboards, Accessories, Drums, Guitars
    • Hi My name is Dan and I am a hi tech sales expert with over 5 years experience selling professional audio equipment. My background in music started as DJ and lead me to pursue a recording arts certificate at goldenwest college. From there i started my...
    • Donavan H.
    • Sales Associate HiTech - Block at Orange
      ProAudio, Keyboards, Guitars, Accessories, Drums
    • Whether it be building a basic home studio setup, or just finding the right microphone cable, I am here to help with all your Pro-Audio needs. My journey in music began very early in my childhood with the soulful sounds of Motown. I was always mesmerized...
    • Erick
    • Sales Associate Accessories - Block at Orange
      Keyboards, Drums, Guitars, ProAudio, Accessories
    • Hi Everyone! My name is Erick, and music plays a gigantic role in my life. Performing, composing, and engineering music are some of the things i love to do. Some of these things i've been doing since i was just a little kid. Ever since i got my first...
    • Gar
    • Sales Associate Guitars - Block at Orange
      Accessories, Guitars, Drums, ProAudio, Keyboards
    • My first guitar I received in the 5th grade. It was a generic no name acoustic guitar. I was so excited when I received it and expected to pick it up and play with no problem. Soon, to my disappointment, I found out that I would have to learn how to play...
    • Jarett
    • Lead Customer ServiceAssociate - Block at Orange
      Accessories, Guitars, ProAudio, Drums, Keyboards
    • My music is my passion, my drive, and my inspiration... It all started when I was 15, my grandfather bought my first guitar. Like most teenagers I was going through a lot of different interests and no one thought that i would stick with guitar. They...
    • Jeff
    • Customer Service Manager - Block at Orange
      Guitars, ProAudio, Drums, Accessories, Keyboards
    • I grew up around music. My mom taught herself how to play piano and organ at a young age and passed that passion onto me. I remember being a kid and hearing Jouney and falling in love with rock and all of its twisted genre types. It then started to listening...
    • Matthew S.
    • Store Manager - Block at Orange
      Accessories, Keyboards, ProAudio, Drums, Guitars
    • My name is Matt Suttle, I'm an Assistant Manager here at Guitar Center Cerritos. I have worked at this store for about 6 years, and have worked in the Drum, Accessory, and the Pro Audio Departments. I am now an Assistant Manager for...
    • Robert J.
    • Sales Associate HiTech - Block at Orange
      Guitars, Keyboards, Accessories, Drums, ProAudio
    • My name is Robert Joncas, I am a veteran salesperson for Guitar Center having been around for just about 6 years or so now. I Started with Guitar Center in February of 2006 as a accessories sales associate, and since have held many positions within the...
    • Steven
    • Sales Associate Guitars - Block at Orange
      Guitars, Accessories, Drums, ProAudio, Keyboards
    • Right. Where do I start? Music has been a passion of mine since as far I as I can remember. So, it seems fair to start from there: the beginning. All my life I've been engrossed in music. As a child I was known as the kid who wouldn't stop singing or...
    • Thomas
    • Sales Associate Guitars - Block at Orange
      Accessories, Guitars, Drums, Keyboards, ProAudio
    • From day one, music has been apart of my life. My dad was the leader of his own swing quartet. He was the drummer. So I technically began playing drums at age four. Drums, meaning anything I could bang on. My parents had, and now I have, an extensive...
    • Vincent
    • Repair Tech - Block at Orange
      Accessories, Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, ProAudio, Repair
    • Whats up?! I'm Vincent and I'm one of two certified Repair Technicians and fully certified Luthiers at Guitar Center at the Block of Orange! Music has been my passion for my entire life. It started when I was young and would watch my brothers jam in...