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Certified In: Keyboards, ProAudio, Guitars, Accessories, Drums

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Dec 27 Recording Made Easy for iPad 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM
Dec 27 Group Guitar Lesson 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM
Dec 28 Recording Made Easy for Pro Tools 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM
Dec 28 Group Guitar Lesson 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM
Dec 29 Recording Made Easy for GarageBand 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM
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Sales Associate Drums
Certified in: Drums

Hey what's up! My name is Alda Izaguirre. I am a sales associate for the drum department at Guitar Center Mcallen. I am 24 years...
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Prisma Iñiguez
Sales Associate Accessories
Certified in: Accessories

Hello my name is Prisma Iñiguez, I'm originally from Reynosa, Tamps. I started playing guitar at age 11 and piano at 14...
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Toni Lomas
Sales Associate HiTech
Certified in: ProAudio, Accessories, Keyboards

Hola! mi nombre es Toni Lomas trabajo en el departamento de Keyboards y Recording muy en especial el area de recording si tienes...
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Sales Associate Accessories
Certified in: Accessories, Guitars

Hello, my name is Omar. I have been playing guitar since 2003, and my favorite aspect of being a musician is that you never stop...
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Idulio R.
Sales Associate HiTech
Certified in: Drums, Guitars, ProAudio, Keyboards, Accessories

Mi nombre es Idulio Rodriguez , me gusta mucho el baile la musica de todos los generos, tambien trabajo...
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Jose "Joe" Olivares
Sales Associate Drums
Certified in: Drums

Hello fellow musicians!!! My name is Jose "Joe" Olivares, when i hear the word "Music" I think about passion, excitement, that...
Welcome to Guitar Center McAllen! We're glad you stopped by!
We would like to take you on a brief tour on how Guitar Center came about and how it landed all the way to the Texas Rio Grand Valley. No need for a backline or a roadie, just sit back and enjoy, and we will tell you what we are all about!
Guitar Center was founded in California in the late 50's under the name "The Organ Center" which focused mainly on electric organ sales, but this name didn't last long. Just a few years later in the late 60's, after we began carrying a wider assortment of musical instruments, the name was changed to "Guitar Center".
Years have passed and the Guitar Center brand has grown tremendously, over 200 stores nationwide have opened their doors to musicians everywhere. This takes us to the year 2006,  the birth of Guitar Center McAllen Texas!
June 16th, 2006 was the day to be precise, when Guitar Center McAllen opened its doors to our customers in the Rio Grand Valley and Mexico. A little over a year passed and we moved the store in 2007 to a bigger, State of the Art building that is now located at the "Palms Crossing" shopping center, where we have been happily helping people make music ever since!
Our store offers everything that any other Guitar Center offers nationwide, plus a little more! We have a 100% fully trilingual crew! Here at Guitar Center McAllen we all speak English, Spanish...and Music!
Our staff here in McAllen is the perfect mix of young and talented, seasoned veterans, knowledgeable and experienced musicians who happen to love helping other people pursue their musical dreams, whether you're just beginning your journey as a musician or you have been playing for years, we are the store that will always be there for your musical needs!
But we don't just sell instruments here at Guitar Center McAllen!, we also provide a few other extra services, like our in-store guitar technician, who is an experienced certified Luthier who can fix just about anything on your guitar!
We also offer free recording workshops every Saturday at 10AM. If you have always wanted to record your music and would like to get started, just come and check out our recording class, and I'm sure you will be laying down tracks at home in no time!
Also, don't forget to come and check out our DJ and Lighting displays located in the Hitech department. We carry one of the largest assortments of colored LED and intelligent lights that are available nationwide! We also have a very solid and experienced staff that can help you put together the coolest light show. If you're a DJ, play in a band, at church, own a dance club, or even for the home!, we can help get the right light show for you! Remember that a great music show is not all about great sound, you also need to show your audience great visuals to go along with your music!
We are the Guaranteed Lowest Price in the nation and we carry the best name brands around as well as the widest assortment of gear known to mankind!! Need I say more?
Come and check us out! and while you're in our store, grab an instrument, plug in and play a tune or two, a sales specialist will be ready to assist you when you're ready!

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