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Store Services
  • Lessons
    From guitar and bass to drums, DJ, piano and more, our expert instructors can get you playing. We work to understand your passions and tailor one-on-one lessons to your schedule, goals and skill level.
  • Repairs
    From routine care and setups to custom mods and aesthetic upgrades, our skilled Guitar Repairs technicians can help you get the absolute most out of your gear—taking it from well-loved or factory-new to made just for you.
  • Rentals
    Need gear for a gig or tour? Guitar Center offers affordable rentals on a full range of equipment. Head to our Rentals department to grab quality speakers, DJ equipment, lighting, backline gear and more
  • GC Pro
    GC Pro
    Guitar Center Professional is a network of account managers and engineers with direct access to top manufacturers. From personal studios to concert venues, we design and install custom audiovisual systems sure to exceed your expectations.
Store Services
  • GC Pro
    GC Pro
    Guitar Center Professional is a network of account managers and engineers with direct access to top manufacturers. From personal studios to concert venues, we design and install custom audiovisual systems sure to exceed your expectations.
Store Specialties
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Guitar Center Jackson Musical Instrument Repairs

Instrument Care and Repair

At Guitar Center Jackson, we provide a variety of repair and upkeep services for guitars and other instruments. Whether your instrument is broken and needs fixing or it’s simply in need of a deep clean and detail, our highly trained repair technicians will take care of it. On top of guitar and instrument repair, our techs can also make technical and cosmetic upgrades to your guitar. Guitar Center is the smart choice for high-quality instrument repair near you.

Guitar Repair: Restrings, Rebuilds and More

Guitar Center repair technicians are highly trained in all aspects of instrument care and maintenance to keep your guitar sounding great throughout its many years of jamming. Guitar Center repair technicians can help you prolong the life of your guitar or stringed instrument by performing standard inspections and consultations, cleaning, polishing, and detailing, restringing guitars and adjusting parts, and installing upgrades or modifications. For more information, contact your local store for guitar repair packages and options.

Visit Guitar Center Jackson Today!

Taking good care of your guitar can make a huge difference in prolonging your instrument’s life. Our experienced repair technicians are experts in what they do and handle each instrument with the utmost care, making sure to provide you with the highest level of service. Contact us today to schedule an instrument repair appointment or simply drop by Guitar Center Jackson for a walk-in repair.

Restrings, Rebuilds & Beyond
Signature Setup
A full 22-point setup, customized to your personal preferences, including restringing and adjustment of the truss rod, nut, saddles, action, and intonation.
Platinum Setup
This premium service includes the full customization of our 22-point Signature Setup, plus the deep cleaning and polishing of our Premium Detail service.
Premium Detail
Deep cleaning and polishing of your instrument with our meticulous hardware restoration, clay bar treatment and wax finish protectant.
Upgrade your pickups and have them professionally installed or expand your tonal options with custom electronics like coil taps or killswitches
Warranty Services
We offer vendor warranty service and Pro Coverage service for many brands in most locations—contact your local store for availability
Standard Restring
Convenient restring by a professional technician—includes our complimentary instrument inspection and consultation
Frequently Asked Questions
No appointment is necessary. Just drop by your nearest Guitar Center location. You can certainly make an appointment if you prefer—it might save you from waiting in line, but it is not required.
Prompt turnaround is always a priority. However, exact times depend on each store's volume of repairs. Guitar Center guarantees the strictest quality and productivity standards at all Guitar Center Repairs locations.

String Replacement: How often you need to replace your strings depends on how often you play, climate conditions, type and quality of string, etc. Generally, every three to four weeks is about right, but if you play hard and often, you'll want to change strings as soon as they start to feel grungy or lose tuning stability.

Tune-Up/Setup: Generally, it's a good idea to have a setup done two to four times a year to compensate for seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

We only hire the best. All of our Guitar Center Repairs technicians are experienced instrument repair experts. They attend certification classes and receive ongoing training and certification, so you always know your guitar is in safe, expert hands.
From pickups and electronics to hardware and cosmetic upgrades, there are countless ways to take your guitar to the next level. Our expert Repairs technicians will listen to your wish list and help you turn your musical dreams into reality.
Unless it's made of graphite, environmental factors definitely make a difference. Depending on where you live, the severity of the effects varies. Extremes of temperature or humidity, as well as drastic shifts between extremes, will take more of a toll and require more frequent setups.