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Guitar Center El Paso Musical Instrument Rentals

Guitar Rentals Near You

Whether you’re looking for a backup instrument, something special for a recording session or a cool video shoot prop, Guitar Center El Paso has many different styles and configurations you can rent. We also offer accessories like amplifiers or cables to help you achieve the perfect look, feel and sound. With Guitar Center El Paso rentals, we have you covered.

Instrument Rentals in El Paso

You don't need to own every instrument to put on an incredible musical performance or record an impressionable demo. Instrument rentals are an excellent way to save money and enjoy making music. Look no further than Guitar Center El Paso to find professional-quality instrument rentals near you, including guitar, bass, drum and keyboard rentals from top-of-the-line brands like Fender, Gibson, Yamaha and more.

Amps and Other Rental Gear

From amplifiers and lights to mics and mixers, Guitar Center has all the music equipment rentals you need. Not sure what you’re looking for? Guitar Center's dedicated team of certified technicians have the knowledge and expertise to hook you up with the right equipment for your next show or recording session. In fact, Guitar Center not only offers sound and stage equipment rentals, but our professionals will even walk you through how to set up and use it, so you can feel confident doing it on your own. We also offer pre-selected sound system rentals and lighting packages that are perfect for parties, events or performing gigs of any size.

Rentals at Guitar Center El Paso
Regardless of the instrument or equipment you’re missing, find what you need with our selection of instrument rentals at Guitar Center El Paso. Along with our instrument and stage equipment rentals, our curated sound system rentals and lighting packages provide you the perfect way to control your sound. Our expert technicians will walk you through how to set up and best use your rental gear every time.
PA Package A
Package A is excellent for presentations, wedding ceremonies , and coffee shop gigs with audiences of up to 50 people. Includes: Your choice of two 10" or 12" speakers, 2 speaker stands, 4 cables
PA Package B
Package B is great for DJs, bands, movie nights, wedding receptions and events with Your best choice for audiences of 50–150 people where more bass is desired. Includes: Your choice of two 10" or 12" speakers, your choice of two 12" or 18" subwoofers, 2 speaker stands, 4 cables
PA Package C
Package C is ideal for DJs, bands, movie nights, wedding receptions and medium-to-large events with audiences of 150–300 people where extra bass is desired. Includes: Two 15" speakers, two 18" subwoofers, 2 speaker stands, 2 cables
Lighting Package A
Includes: 2 PAR can LED lights | 2 bar LED lights | 1 lighting stand | 4 DMX cables
Lighting Package B
Includes: 4 PAR can LED lights | 4 bar LED lights | 2 lighting stands | 8 DMX cables
PA Package C
Includes: 8 PAR can LED lights | 6 bar LED lights | 2 fog machines | 2 lighting stands | 14 DMX cables
Frequently Asked Questions
To rent gear, you’ll need a valid state-issued ID and a valid credit card in your name.
Yes, you can. There are various details involved with this, so please contact your nearest Guitar Center Rentals location. You can also fill out an application and set up a business account.
Absolutely. The rental will be charged as a standard purchase. Financing promos are not available for rentals.
We are open 363 days per year (closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas). Rental hours are the same as the store hours.
Due to the nature of the constantly growing inventory we offer, the list changes often. Please contact your nearest Guitar Center Rentals location to inquire. Chances are, we’ve got what you need. If we don’t have it, in most cases, we can get it for you.
We will take as much time as you need to show you how to use the gear and make sure you’re comfortable setting it up yourself. If you need extra help, we’re always just a phone call away.