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Sales Associate HiTech
Certified in: ProAudio, Keyboards

Audio Engineer for music and broadcast, I have 10 years of experience with DJ's, musicians, independent producers and radio voice-over...
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Sabato I.
Lead Customer ServiceAssociate
Certified in: Accessories, Guitars, Drums, ProAudio, Keyboards

Hey Everybody! I'm Sabato! I've been with Guitar Center since November 2010. It is such a great feeling to come in to work...
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Todd Naumann
Repair Tech
Certified in: Repair

Hey, everybody!  I'm Todd Naumann, the guitar technician here at Guitar Center in Richmond, VA.  I started playing guitar...
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Kevin Willoughby
Sales Associate HiTech
Certified in: Drums, ProAudio, Keyboards

    Welcome!  My name is Kevin Willoughby, and I am a live sound engineer, recording engineer, mix engineer, and...
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Tim Falen
Sales Associate Guitars
Certified in: Accessories, Keyboards, Drums, ProAudio, Guitars

Hello, My name is Tim, and I am from Texas. I started out my music career doing Drumline at my school.  I promptly got volunteered...
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Mark Saurs
Sales Associate Guitars
Certified in: Guitars, Accessories

It is great to be part of the Guitar Center Team here in Richmond.    Having kicked around the Richmond music scene...
Guitar Center Richmond had its grand opening on Thursday, August 14th, 2003. Since then it has strived to help musicians in central Virginia get hold of the best gear around.  We have a terrific group of folks with diverse musical backgrounds and interests. Everyone who works here has experienced some level of music education, touring, performing or recording. We are happy to share our knowledge with our customers and will always be ready to help. 

Our store features used gear in all of our departments, and our selection is constantly shifting as pieces come and go rapidly as people buy, sell and trade gear with us. We carry the largest and most diverse inventory in Richmond, and always have a unique piece to show you. Our shop features 'The Vault' - an isolated room you can use to try out gear a FULL volume, a recently re-configured acoustic guitar room featuring guitars from Martin, Taylor, Gibson and over 20 different manufacturers. 
If pedals and effects are your thing, we have a TON of boutique pedals and can get hold of pretty much anything you want. Our accessories staff checks out every pedal that comes in and are ready to help you find the right piece to your tone puzzle. You have the ability and are encouraged to plug in and check out any pedal we have, and we are glad to help you with any A/B comparisons you may want to try.
Our Hi-tech Department is staffed with people who have worked in the industry doing live sound, recording and DJ'ing. We feature separate rooms for DJ equipment, live sound, recording and keyboards. We also have a recording class every Saturday where you can come in and learn about the basics of recording your music at home. We cover a different topic each week in the series, from choosing a microphone to publishing your music online.  This has been a really successful project for us and we love seeing new faces!

We have a contest each year called Drum Off. This is a chance for drummers to compete for the chance to win great prizes and move forward in the competition which culminates in a final competition between the nation's top drummers who inevitably go on to great futures in music. We also have an annual competition for guitar players with King of the Blues. Guitarists play to backing tracks and try to play the most unique, heartfelt solos they can in order to be crowned the best blues guitarist around.

We offer gear tune up services with our GC Garage tech, Todd Naumann. Todd has a wealth of knowledge about setting up and fine tuning your guitar to your specifications. Not sure exactly what you want? You can schedule an appointment with Todd and go over the fine points with him as he sets up your gear. He has done everything from re-stringing to headstock repairs. He is always willing to talk to people about what's best for their gear and for them!

In Fall 2013, we underwent a large scale remodeling of the store to make room for our newest service - Guitar Center Studios. We now offer music lessons in guitar, drums, keyboards, mandolin, bass, vocals and recording. Our teaching staff consists of fully accredited instructors and friendly associates that will help make learning music fun. We offer a standardized curriculum as well as beautifully constructed private lesson rooms that are both soundproof as well as comfortable. Come by any time for a free tour of the facillity!

No matter what kind of music you like to play, no matter what level of player you might be, we are happy to have you visit our store and look forward to serving you. It is everyone’s goal at Guitar Center Richmond that you have a great time visiting our shop and that you find the gear that gets you closer to your dreams.