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Sales Associate HiTech
Certified in: Keyboards, ProAudio, Guitars, Drums, Accessories

Intro: I am an employee at Guitar Center in the Pro Audio department.  I have 14 years of experience in Live Sound, DJ, Production,...
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Alan M.
Sales Associate Guitars
Certified in: Guitars, Accessories

Hi, I'm Alan, and I grew up here in Montgomery County. I went to college in Virginia and I've also lived in North Carolina,...
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Sales Associate Accessories
Certified in: Guitars, Accessories

HI THERE!  How can I help you make music today?   My name is Jon Courtney and I am very excited to be starting here...
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Keith Pereira
Customer Service Manager
Certified in: Drums, Accessories

    I am one of the Customer Service Managers here at Guitar Center - Rockville. I oversee our store's Hi-Tech side...
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Sales Associate Accessories
Certified in: ProAudio, Keyboards

So here is a little bit about me.  I have been a musician all my life.  My first instrument was the piano at age 4....
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Brian M.
Sales Associate HiTech
Certified in: ProAudio, Guitars, Accessories

Hello! HAPPY 2014!! I am proudly one of the sales associate of pro audio here in guitar center rockville! I am also the Saturday...
Opened on May 1, 2001 Guitar Center Rockville is truly a site to see. Walls filled with gear a mile high make GC Rockville one of the largest and most well-stocked music stores in the nation. Since the grand opening, our crew of knowledgable and friendly assocaites has been happy to assist each customer with all of their musical needs. 


Rockville is home to all of Guitar Center's excellent programs, including GC Studios. GC Garage, GC Platinum, GC Rentals and GC Pro.


GC Garage offers custom set-ups for many different instruments, re-strings, pickup installation, etc. Stephen Coghill is our in-store guitar technician that takes care of all of our guitars, as well as yours too!!!


In 2012 our store got a face lift for the addition of GC Studios. GC studios is our cutting edge music education program. We teach lessons both in groups and in private one on one sessions. We even have a program called Rock Show in which we teach a selected group of students how to play in a band together. During the summers we have many summer programs as well. We teach Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Voice, Home Recording and DJ basics. Our Spin lab program is designed to teach new DJ's how to work with today's newest DJ Software and Hardware. Our lesson rooms are all tuned and sound treated by Auralex for the best acoustics. Come see Tim (our studio manager) or any of her excellent team to sign up for a GC Studios membership and get started with your lessons.


In late 2014 we added GC Rentals to our location. Managed by Reese Mixon we have a great selection of all different types of rental gear. We have lighting and live sound, with a brand new fleet of QSC powered speakers for all occasions big and small. If you need up lighting for weddings or proms we have got you covered. We also rent instruments, recording gear, dj gear and much much more. 


In addition to GC Garage, Rockville is also home to GC Pro. GC Pro is designed to take care of the proffessional and touring musicians. Scott Schwartz is Rockville's GC Pro salesman and has been with us for many years


Rockville houses one of the largest Platinum Rooms in the chain, featuring an extensive selection of high end guitars and amplifiers. Currently we are stocked with brands such as Friedman, H&K, Diezel, Orange, Marshall, Rickenbacker, Taylor, Larivee, Gibson, MusicMan and Gretsch. 


Outside of Guitar Center's great programs, GC Rockville is always ready to help out the rock stars of tomorrow! Our crew is experienced in helping musicians get started. We offer tons of great beginner guitars, amps and drum sets for everyone who's ready to make some noise. 


If you'd rather be a producer or engineer, head over to our Pro Audio section, specializing in recording and live sound. We have a huge selection of software, speakers, mixers, digital recorders, lighting, keyboards and DJ gear designed to help you climb to the top of the charts with your newest track!


Don't forget our Music Mentor Series. Each Wednesday at 7pm we teach a class on one of the concentrations of the store. Check our website regularly for the class schedule. Every Saturday at 10am we offer our free recording class called "Recording Made Easy". this class is set up in four week intervals, taught by Michelle. We start you off fresh but will have you recording your own songs by week 4, absolutely!!! Make sure you come early because seats fill up fast!!


So make sure to come down to Guitar Center Rockville for all of your musical needs! With all of our great programs and sales associates, why go anywhere else??