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Apr 22 Miking Guitars 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Apr 25 Recording Made Easy: Intro to Ableton 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

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04/02/2015 - Jam Nights

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Art McConnell
Teaches: Drums

       My early private drumming instructors were the ones who inspired me to pursue my passion and shaped...
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Ron Keith
Teaches: Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Vocals, VocalsInstructor

My name is Ron Keith and I'm a multi-instrumentalist originally from Philadelphia. My first introduction into music was as a singer....
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Ari Levine
Teaches: Recording, DJ

My name is Ari Levine.  I am a recording and music technology instructor here at Guitar Center.  I have been involved...
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Dan Vo
Teaches: Bass

       My name is Dan Vo, and I'm a bass instructor here at Guitar Center Studios in San Mateo. I've been...
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Mike Owens
Teaches: Guitar, Ukulele

Mike Owens has been playing rock and metal guitar from a young age. He is a graduate of Lewis & Clark Colllege and has studied...
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Michael Papenburg
Teaches: Guitar, Ukulele

My name is Michael Papenburg. I am a Bay Area native and have been playing guitar since 1978. After studying with jazz guitarist...
Kate Martin: Jam Nights Jam Nights
  • You’re invited toJAM NIGHT!!

    Friday, April 24th 7-9pm

    - Jam Nights are held on the last Friday of each month -

    7-8pm: Open Mic

    (see a Lessons Associate to sign up!)

    8-9pm: Open Jam Session


    Come meet and play with other musicians in a fun, laid-back, open mic/jam session (led by some of our awesome instructors). Musicians of all ages are welcome. Open to all instruments, as well as both GC Studios students and non-students. 


    Jam night is a monthly event held on the last Friday of every month, right here at Guitar Center San Mateo! The 7-8pm hour will be reserved for Open Mic performances. From 8-9pm, a jam session will be open to the public. For more information, call us at (650) 312-8060 or reply to this email.


    Hope to see you there!