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Trey Sill Store Manager, Central Dallas Store Email Me
Certified In: Guitars, ProAudio, Accessories, Keyboards, Drums

Events Calendar

Apr 04 Group Guitar Workshop 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM
Apr 08 Miking Vocals 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Apr 11 Recording Made Easy: Intro to GarageBand 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM
Apr 18 Group Ukulele Workshop 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM
Apr 22 Miking Guitars 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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Rental Equipment Manager
Certified in: Drums, Accessories, Guitars, Keyboards, ProAudio

           Howdy folks! My name is Christian and I'm coming at ya from the big ol' state of...
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Andres S.
Sales Associate HiTech
Certified in: Keyboards, ProAudio, Accessories, Drums, Guitars

Hey guys, My names Andy Sanchez I was inspired by my uncles to become a musician.  One played drums the other guitar, and...
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Chris "Dr. Green" Greenberg
Sales Training Manager
Certified in: ProAudio, Keyboards, Drums, Accessories, Guitars

     My name is Chris and  I went to school in Nashville, Tennessee for Audio Engineering and Music Business...
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Eddie Haymaker
Department Manager Guitars
Certified in: Guitars, Accessories, Drums, ProAudio

I started selling guitars in 1972 in Bossier City, LA.  I opened my first guitar store (Haymaker's Guitars) in 1973. ...
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D. Chad Allen
Assistant Manager
Certified in: Accessories, Guitars

I'm a big advocate of enjoying life to the fullest! I sell guitars because I love them. Fender is my favorite and I...
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Steven M.
Assistant Manager
Certified in: Accessories, Guitars, ProAudio, Keyboards, Drums

My must have piece of gear for my gigs is my MXR M80 Bass DI/Distortion pedal. It's a direct box, a boost,...
Guitar Center Central Dallas has been a part of the Dallas music scene since 1998. With its close proximity to Deep Ellum and Lower Greenville, the Central Dallas store is the music store stop for touring and local gigging bands.  Being so close to the music scene is what gives this store its charm and attracts the musicians who work and shop here.

The store has always been a blend of uniquely talented and passionate musicians. One can find professional, real world gigging advice from our associates who play out on a weekly basis. With graduates from various recording schools in our Pro Audio Department, questions about setting up your own recording rig will be easily answered. Also to be found in Pro Audio are front of house engineers who regularly run sound in clubs and churches. Boutique pedal experts are here with the know-how and inventory to supply your continuing quest for the perfect tone. For those in the rhythm section, the largest drum department in the Dallas Metroplex is located in this store. From Vintage Echoplex to 60's Fender amps, the Central Dallas Guitar Center has always been a place to find unique used gear. So make plans to check back often to not miss the "holy grail" to your collection.

The Central Dallas Store Manager, Ted Strange, is a Dallas native and is committed to overseeing a store of talented professionals who are passionate about music and helping you make music! The sales professionals in store have an average tenure of 5+ years and include the legendary Chad Allen, 22 years with Guitar Center, in our guitar department. From Eddie Haymaker's 27 years of guitar retail experience to our employees involved and playing in the local music scene, a visit  to Guitar Center Central Dallas is a must to have any musical questions answered.  Make your plans to stop by this vibey part of the Dallas music scene, you never know what unique gear you'll find or which touring musician you'll see!

Upcoming Events:

Recording Made Easy
Every Saturday 10am - 11am, Register at
: http://gc.guitarcenter.com/recording-made-easy/

At Guitar Center Central Dallas you'll find:

 Authorized Vintage Guitar Expert, Eddie Haymaker
 Experienced GC Garage Techs, John Dear & Brian Hammer

 Largest Cymbal room in Dallas with Meinl Cymbals
 Large Studio and Live Room
 Huge Pedulla, Modulus, & Music Man Bass Selection
 + 170 Boutique Pedals from: Diamond, Malekko, Way Huge, Fulltone, Zvex, Cusack, T-Rex, Keeley, Xotic, Red Witch, Lovepedal
 Unique Used Selection featuring a large selection of pedals, guitars, and amps.

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