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Upcoming Events

July 2
10:15 AM - 11:00 AM
Workshop Event
Guitar Center and Fender Guitars are proud to offer this free, beginner acoustic guitar group lesson for all of our newest guitar players. Every customer will have the opportunity to learn the anatomy of the guitar, best techniques for strumming and picking, three new chords, and will walk away with a brand new song, in a fun and family-friendly environment. The “Learn to Play: Guitar” is a 45 minute group lesson which starts at 10:15 AM, is free, and for all ages. Guitars will be provided, or students may bring their own.
July 9
10:15 AM - 11:00 AM
Workshop Event
Guitar Center is proud to offer this beginner recording group lesson for all of our newest Ableton users. Every customer will get the chance to learn best practices for recording, in a fun and family-friendly environment. The “Press Record: Ableton” is a 45-minute group lesson which starts at 10:15AM, is free, and for all ages.
Sorry, there are no Upcoming Events

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Guitar Center

Here at Guitar Center Greenville, we think everyone should be able to make music. That's why we offer such an extensive selection of musical gear appropriate for all skill levels and budgets. Whether you're a first-time player or a seasoned pro, we've got the instruments and accessories to make playing not only possible but enjoyable. And we're conveniently located on Laurens Rd., just a few blocks away from I-85, so it's easy to get to us from anywhere in Greenville County and beyond.

New and used instruments and accessories are what we're best known for, but Guitar Center Greenville has so much more to offer. We carry an impressive selection of vintage gear and pro audio equipment, which are just two examples of how our stock can cater to any music lover. And we're always offering group workshops to introduce you to new skills. So call us up at 864-987-0291 to find out everything we can do for you.

Like all Guitar Center locations, we also offer comprehensive repair services at our Greenville store. Our techs are as passionate about your instruments as you are, with the experience needed to keep them performing at their best. Whether you need a quick adjustment or a complete overhaul, we've got the equipment and know-how to take care of it. The repairs department would love to hear from you: in fact, we encourage it! Call or come in for a face-to-face chat about the work that we do. You'll have no doubt that your gear is in good hands when it's time for a repair.

What to Expect
First and foremost at Guitar Center Greenville, we strive to give you the experience that Guitar Center is known for nationwide: big-store selection and prices with small-shop expertise and personality. From sales to repairs, our staff in each department is well-trained to cater to Greenville County music-lovers. Our store is open every day of the week, so there's always a right time to visit even if you're on a busy schedule.

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