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10/10/2013 - TAKE LESSONS NOW!!!
Ask us about taking LESSONS for Vocal, Guitar, Drums, Keys, or Recording!

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David Maverick
Customer Service Manager
Certified in: Drums, Keyboards, ProAudio, Guitars, Accessories
My name is David Maverick.  I picked up guitar late in life and started the journey in 1997.  I wish I had gotten into...
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Sales Associate HiTech
Certified in: ProAudio, Keyboards, Accessories, Guitars

I am a singer, songwriter, multi-instrument musician, with a passion for music and an enthusiasm for helping others develop and...
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Lead Customer ServiceAssociate
Certified in: Accessories, Guitars, Drums, Keyboards, ProAudio

Music has always been a passion for me ever since the first time I picked up a guitar way back in 9th grade. Theres a certain...
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Sales Associate HiTech
Certified in: ProAudio, Keyboards, Accessories, Guitars, Drums

      I have 30 years in "live sound" and stage in both mixing and playing music.  ...
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Sales Associate HiTech
Certified in: Keyboards, ProAudio, Guitars, Accessories, Drums

Hey all you beautiful people out there! Welcome to my web page!   Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm twenty-five...
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Sales Associate Guitars
Certified in: Guitars, Accessories, Keyboards, Drums, ProAudio

Hey, I'm Jarrett and I've been playing bass for almost 8 years now. I'm not even quite sure how I ended up playing bass. I heard...