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Teaches: Drums, Hand Drums

Ryan is a drum instructor who has been playing drums for 10 years and teaching for 2 years. Ryan graduated from Midlothian High...
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Teaches: Guitar, Keyboards

     Jeff has been playing guitar piano since grade school. He played in several rock bands, played jazz guitar...
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Teaches: Piano

Shawn Rodis is a key\piano instructor at Guitar Center Lessons Midlthian. Shawn started taking private lessons at age 7. He participated...
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Teaches: Guitar

My name is Joe MacDonald, and I have been a musician since age 5.  I began playing the guitar at 11 years old and have been...
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Teaches: Guitar

Alex is a guitar instructor!.... more info coming soon
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Instructor Coordinator
Teaches: Guitar, Bass

            My name is Brian Baran and I am one of the Guitar and Bass...
Laura: Shred you summer with us! Shred you summer with us!
  • by Laura
    Certified in: Drums, Accessories, Guitars, Keyboards


    GCL Summer Camps 10% off if you sign up by April 19, 2015!

    GC Lesson Summer Programs:

    Rock Show Express:  

    Price: $129/week*

    Date: June 22-26; July 13-17; July 20-24

    Age: 12+

    Open to guitarists, bassists, drummers, vocalists, and keyboard players. For a full week, 2 hours\day, musicians of like skill levels and ages are thought to play in a band.  Participants rehearse together and learn to play 4-5 songs by legendary artists in a variety of musical styles. At the end of the one week session bands can feel the pride of accomplishment, preforming these songs for their friends and family.

    Guitar Riff Masters:

    Price: $199/week*

    Dates: June 22-26; July 20-24

    Age: 12+

    Over the course of five days guitarists and bassists will learn some of the greatest riffs and solos of all time from GC Lesson professional instructors. Students will spend three hours a day immersed in the classic riffs of Eric Clapton, Richie Blackmoore, Eddie Van Halen, Joe Perry, Slash, and Jimi Hendrix!

    Drum Boot Camp:

    Price: $199/week*

    Dates: July 13-17

    Age: 12+

    An intensive music study program for drum enthusiasts, both beginner and advanced. Participants will spend 5 days immersed in their instrument, learning form GC Lessons professional instructors. For three hours a day students will explore topics such as song forms, meter, shuffles, rhythm, hand percussion, music theory and hand percussion.


    *All sales are final.