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Guitar Center Grand Junction Music Lessons

Music Lessons at Guitar Center Grand Junction

Learning an instrument provides many benefits aside from gaining a new skill. It relieves stress, builds confidence and cultivates creativity. There is no better place to develop and hone your musical skills than music lessons at Guitar Center Grand Junction

Whether you’ve never picked up an instrument before, or you’ve been playing for years and are looking to perfect your talent, Guitar Center offers the best music lessons near you for all skill levels. Our talented and experienced instructors come from a wide variety of musical backgrounds and are able to offer lessons for many different instruments. Some of our most popular music lessons in Grand Junction include guitar, bass , drums, piano and vocal lessons.

Pickup & Play

At Guitar Center, we offer not only the best guitar lessons near you, but we also have music lessons in bass guitar, drums, piano, vocals, music producing and more. Whatever sound you are looking for, our professional instructors are ready to help you discover your groove. Take a look below at some of our favorite instruments and most popular lessons available at Guitar Center Grand Junction.

Build finger strength and coordination, master chords, understand strum patterns and learn to find your unique sound with our guitar lessons. You’ll set the tone and define the attitude of the music.
Learn to play the bass guitar from our expert instructors. The bass is the heart and soul of music - hone the craft and essence of what it takes to be a bass player with professional bass lessons at Guitar Center Grand Junction.
Drummers control the groove and energy of every song and performance. Discover the beat within you and learn what it takes to lead a band with our drum lessons.
Explore melodies and chords to help you build emotional power. You’ll have more range at your fingertips than with any other instrument.
Learn proper techniques and build self-confidence to be center stage. As a singer, you'll be a storyteller, and the bridge between the band and the audience. For the time being, vocal instruction will only be available via online lessons.
DJ And More ...
DJ And More ...
We also offer lessons on DJing, brass & woodwind instruments, music production and songwriting. Call 866-761-0244 for more information.
Frequently Asked Questions
Each instructor customizes lessons to ensure you are learning what you like and having fun. Your instructor will start you slowly, introducing new concepts each week, plus give you exercises or easy songs to play to keep you learning at home.
Learning an instrument is an enriching and rewarding experience that creates lifelong benefits, including increased self-esteem and the boosting of memory. Additionally, benefits for school-age individuals can include improved coordination, the expanding of social skills, and higher scores in math, reading and language.
30-minute lessons allow young or beginner students to learn the basics of the instrument and start playing songs. 60-minute lessons are ideal for more advanced students looking to progress faster and focus on the finer points of technique.
This varies by age and the type of goals the student has set out to achieve. However, most new students usually spend 15–30 min. practicing daily, while advanced students can practice for an hour or more each day in between lessons.
Our flexible curriculum allows students of all skill levels to experience growth. We help create a foundational understanding of music theory through the style of music you want to play. Our instructors will work to understand your goals and passions, and make sure you are on the path to learning what you want at your own speed.
Our Lessons staff will work with you to determine your current skill level, stylistic interest and ambitions. We'll then help you choose an instructor who best suits your style and goals. If at any point, you'd like to change instructors, let us know. Our weekly monitoring of progress and wide-ranging curriculum means you can switch to any of our qualified instructors, or another instrument, without missing a beat.