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Musical Education

Self-Taught, AP Music Theory

Current Projects

Recording, Songwriting, The occasional busking

Musical Interests

Blues, Rock, Jazz, Latin, Flamenco, Classical, Recording, Post-Production, Live Performance, Arranging, Composing, Alternative, Indie, Folk, Metal

Favorite Bands

Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Radiohead, Dr. Dog, The Black Keys, Belle Brigade, Band of Skulls, Jimi Hendrix, Tom Petty

Favorite Instruments

Guitar, Saxophone, Drums, Bass, Keyboard

Current Band(s)/Gig(s)

Pacific Ghost, Tiger Sailor, thatwasthen

Category Expertise

Electric Guitar, Guitar Amplifiers, Guitars > Guitar Effects > Effects Pedals, Bass > Upright Bass > Upright Bass

Nick Papageorge
Sales Associate Accessories

Certified in: Guitars, Accessories, Keyboards, Drums, ProAudio

Since both of my parents met playing in bands, I've been surrounded by music my entire life.  At 11 I finally decided to take up the bass (my father's main instrument), and a few years later I took the lessons I learned from the low-end and applied them to a six-string.  After twelve years of writing, touring, and learning, I haven't looked back once.

Although I've challenged myself to learn my way around several different instruments--saxophone being the first--guitar will always be my main squeeze.  Its inherently vocal and expressive nature make it an ideal conduit for creative tendencies.  The guitar is one of the most human instruments, in my opinion.

I recently graduated from UCLA with a Degree in English (the poetry helps with the songwriting), but I've been focused on my music career all the while.  

My passion for and/or addiction to gear has lead to a life-long quest for the ideal tone.  I know my way around amps and effects, though like all of us, I'm still learning more all the time.

In summary, I'd love to help you out with anything you may need, especially anything guitar-related! Stop by the store sometime and ask for me; I'll help you out to the best of my ability.



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