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I help people make music!!
Musical Interests

I love music that was just recorded, but sounds like it was recorded 40 years ago. The vintage sound with a touch of old nashville!!!

Favorite Bands

Radiohead, Helmet, Hed pE, Jeff Buckley, Deftones, Incubus, Slayer, Wu Tang, Prince Paul, slipknot, Nas, Jay - Z, Sunny Day Real Estate, Outkast, DJ Muggs, Dr Dre, DJ Shadow, sound garden, System of a Down, Scars on Broadway, Bach, Eric B, Tribe Called Quest, DeadMou5

Favorite Instruments

Guitar, Drums, any and everything that has to do with recording!!!, Acoustic drumset, electric and upright bass, Violin, MPC, Computer Sequencing, Acoustic Guitars:, PRS, Electronic drum kits

Category Expertise

Recording > Recording Packages > Multi-track Recording Packages, Recording > CD Recording / Burners > CD Recorders, Guitars > Guitar Value Packages > Acoustic-Electric Guitar Value Packages, Guitars > Guitar Effects > Guitar Multi Effects, Guitars > Guitar Recording Gear > Guitar Recording Hardware, Pro Audio > Microphones > Recording Microphones, Pro Audio > Signal Processors > Vocal Processors, Pro Audio > Signal Processors > 500 Series Racks, Pro Audio > Signal Processors > Microphone Preamps, Pro Audio > Signal Processors > Digital Clocks, Pro Audio > Signal Processors > Equalizers, Pro Audio > Signal Processors > Crossovers

Todd P.
Store Manager

Certified in: Accessories, ProAudio, Guitars, Drums, Keyboards

I have been with Guitar Center for 7 years. Through that 7 years I have been around the country with Guitar Center which includes 6 different store locations. I have been a Store Manager for Guitar Center for the last 5 years and still love working for Guitar Center.

My career in music consists of many different bands, in an array of different genres of music. Mostly, through my career, I have focused on Live Sound and the recording aspect. I have been the recording engineer on 20 different records including one that I did with the original bass player from ministry, Paul Barker.

My rig now consist of a Universal Audio 2-610, and Apogee Duet, Adam A7X monitors, Shure Sm7b, AKG C414bXLS, Shure SM81, Logic Pro and Reason

When your just getting into recording either yourself, or a band, I recommend the Presonus Audio Box for your interface, KRK RP8G2 Monitors, and  Sterling Microphones. The Presonus Audiobox comes with the Studio 1 software by presonus. The Studio 1 software is  very powerful, and yet easy to use  for someone just starting the computer recording journey. This is a great way to piece together a pro studio on a budget.

When I started with Guitar Center in 2004, I was a Pro Audio salesman, and specialized in selling people home studios. I then moved to different stores including Austin, TX; Corpus Christi, TX, Chicago, IL, Hobart, IN, and now Charlotte, NC. 

Through all the stores I have been at and all of the people I have met through Guitar Center I realize we are all after the same goal. That is to create music. I have helped people create music for the last 7 years and plan on continuing this mission for many more.


More about Todd...


1)      How did you first get involved in playing/making music?


I started playing in garage bands in High School. One of my best friends taught me a few cords, and I ran with it!!


2)      What was your first instrument?


Guitar and  Drums


3)      What/Who are your musical influences?


Chris Cornell, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Chino Moreno, Maynard James Keenan


4)      What are your top 5 favorite records?


Tool – Aniema


Helmet – Meantime


Prince Paul – A Prince Among Thieves


Deftones – White Pony


Soundgarden – Super Unknown



5)      What current music projects are in involved with?


Just enjoy playing and mixing songs for people as they come in from friends



6)      How many instruments do you play?


I play bass, guitar and drums



7)      What is your favorite instrument and why?


Drums- They are the back bone of the entire song or performance.



8)      What advice would you give to somebody that wanted to start playing music?


Start early and keep with it. It will pay off in the end and you will be so glad that you started playing!!